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Founding attorney Patrick McKamey, P.A. has long been a trusted source of legal knowledge and representation here in West Palm Beach and across South Florida. His proven track record spans more than 20 years as a licensed attorney and over 300 criminal trials gone to verdict. As a former prosecutor, Mr. McKamey has a unique perspective of how the criminal justice system functions. His intimate knowledge of how the state tries criminal cases is something you don’t want to go without the next time you need stellar criminal defense in West Palm Beach.


There is no substitute for trial experience when it comes to finding the best criminal defense attorney West Palm Beach has to offer. A court of law is no place for a novice, especially when it comes to criminal defense. When someone’s life and freedom is at stake, it always makes sense to hire an attorney who understand the process and how best to represent you. You want an attorney who will never give up on you or your case. You want attorney Patrick McKamey.


Mr. McKamey is ready to lend his skill and experience to those dealing with a wide variety of legal issues including state and federal cases, juvenile defense, white collar crime, DUI and drug arrests and much more.  No matter what your situation, hiring a great attorney can make all the difference. Trust the West Palm Beach criminal attorney whose only concern is your well-being; Patrick McKamey.


Mr. McKamey’s skill and experience earned him the position of legal consultant for CBS 12 News, specifically advising the public on the Dalia Dippolito case, one of the most bizarre and legally complex cases in the news. Since 2010, South Florida has been enthralled with the strange murder-for-hire case akin to something you’d find in a Hollywood script.  Mr. McKamey’s impressive experience is invaluable in providing unique legal analysis and opinion for the team at CBS 12 and all their viewers.

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