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Sex Crimes Defense


At The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we believe that every individual is worthy of a trial.

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If you’ve been convicted of sex crimes, you’ll need sex crimes defense in West Palm Beach. With the Me Too Movement making national headlines time and time again, people are losing their patience for such crimes. However, there are cases where those being prosecuted aren’t guilty, and they do deserve to be defended. At The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we believe that every individual is worthy of a trial. We also think that every individual should have access to high-quality lawyers and defense attorneys. When you’re pointed out as being a sexual offender, you don’t have time to waste. These crimes are taken very seriously, and you don’t want just anyone being in control of your future.


If you're thinking of taking this one on all on your own, it's time to think again.

The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey offer incredible defense services to those in need the most. When you’re charged with a sex crime, your reputation, career, and future are all on the line. You need a team that can back you up and speak forcefully on your behalf. If you’re thinking of taking this one on all on your own, it’s time to think again. It takes a specific tone, voice, and manner in order to address these sensitive topics appropriately. The idea is to win before the case even hits trial.


At The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we can help you in numerous ways. First and foremost, we’ll review your case to understand the situation better. As defense attorneys, it’s crucial that we have all of the information, especially in sex crime cases. Then, we’ll work to find a favorable outcome where everyone walks away at peace. Usually, because these criminal charges are quite personal, it takes particular skill to handle these cases with grace. At The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we have a unique set of traits, as Patrick R. McKamey used to be a prosecutor himself. With this knowledge, you’re receiving a unique insight that not every firm can give you.

There are numerous ways a drug charge will negatively impact your future so acting fast and hiring a skilled attorney becomes a priority. A lawyer is vital throughout the process to ensure everything is being handled correctly and your needs are being met. Remember, a drug attorneys number one priority is always the best interests of the client. Your future is a stake and to help your cause, it’s time to call the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A.

There are many cases pertaining to sex crimes that we defend, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, indecent exposure, internet sex crimes, spousal rape, sexual tourism, date rape, molestation, child pornography, prostitution, and more. If you’re someone who’s facing a sex crime face to face, don’t wait to get assistance. You’ll need excellent sex crimes defense in West Palm Beach, at The Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we’re the team to help you get out ahead of a trial. Don’t waste another minute contemplating your options. Instead, reach out to our team today at (561) 370-7424. Your reputation can be compromised if this case isn’t handled with great care, and with a sex case that could ruin your life forever, there’s no room for error. Time is of the essence; don’t wait any longer, instead get on the phone today and speak with our experts.

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