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Choose the Best Sex Crimes Defense Attorney for Your Child Pornography Case

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

It’s summertime in South Florida; children are outside in playgrounds parks, swimming pools, and the beach. It is also the time of year when child pornography and sex crimes charges ratchet up because of worried and protective parents. At Patrick R. McKamey Law, we know that it can be scary facing child pornography charges, whether you’ve committed the crime or not. We know that facing the law is overwhelming, and not something that you should ever do without proper representation. Federal child pornography or sexual exploitation charges are incredibly serious, frightening, and can be difficult to defend. Patrick McKamey has...

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The Best Sex Crimes Defense Team in West Palm Beach

Criminal Defense Lawyer West Palm Beach

When you’re facing a sex crime charge, it’s vital to get the best legal help on your side. At the Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, our experienced attorneys are here to defend you and will work tirelessly to make sure your best interests are served. We may prepare your defense to be tried in a court of law, or we may settle the case. Whatever scenario is in your best interest is what we will ultimately pursue. Facing jail time for a sex crime is enough to make anyone feel afraid. But rest assured that our legal team has...

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