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Defending Your Freedom

Defending Your Freedom

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Being charged with a drug offense can permanently alter your life. It can be challenging to recover from the damage done to your reputation. This can affect your credit, future employment opportunities, and ability to rent or buy an apartment or home.


Who to Hire

You should try to hire the best drug defense lawyer to win your case. A good drug defense team can help you realize the gravity of the situation. They can also review your rights and determine how to end this nightmare. If this is your first drug-related charge, a lawyer can help you avoid a conviction and jail time.


Drug Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged and convicted before and are now facing a more serious drug charge, hire an experienced drug defense attorney right away. Your lawyer will look into the circumstances surrounding your arrest and look for violations of due process. They can use these discrepancies in court to better defend you and get your charges dismissed or reduced. A good legal team can help negotiate a plea deal that reduces the severity of any jail sentence or fines.



Don’t assume that because you can’t bail yourself out, you can’t find a good drug defense lawyer. Many of them will visit you in jail to plan their defense. Never take a situation like this lightly or wait until the last minute to find a good defense lawyer.


You Must Have Legal Representation

You can’t handle this stressful situation alone if you want to regain control of your life. You need a lawyer who specializes in defending clients facing their first or tenth drug charges. No matter your criminal history, an experienced drug defense attorney can help you maintain your innocence in court. Your situation might not be as bad as you think, you just have to act fast.

When you first learn of your drug charges, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney. They may be the only reason you have freedom.


The Drug Defense Process

A drug defense case has several steps. You, as the client, should be fully informed. Your attorney must act quickly and obtain a copy of the arrest warrant.


Arrest and Search Warrants

The arrest and search warrants are important documents for criminal defense attorneys. The arrest warrant lists the arresting officer’s name and the charges against the user. It is also essential for the user’s legal representative to determine if a search warrant was issued before the arrest. The search warrant must include relevant evidence of illegal drug possession. The criminal lawyer can examine and question all relevant information in court. In some cases, the lawyer may weaken the evidence to reduce or dismiss possible charges against the client. The attending attorney must be present immediately after the client receives the arrest permit.

The next step is to meet the arresting officer. Possession of small amounts of illegal drugs can lead to arrest. A police officer can immediately stop someone for drug possession, which may be enough to convict them. Sometimes police may ask the defendant’s attorney if they can testify against other drug dealers.


Decisions to Testify

Depending on the situation, the criminal defense lawyer can persuade the client to testify. An attorney must ask certain questions of the officers. These questions include the time of the arrest, the presence of an undercover agent, the search warrant, any money involved, and the client’s statement. The case usually gets complicated when other people are arrested. The user may deny ownership of the drugs found and seized. He/She may assign ownership to a codefendant, whose statement must be taken. If the given statements match, the case is quickly resolved. These cases can take much longer if the parties involved make contradictory statements, necessitating further investigation.

The drug defense lawyer must also question his client. These questions should address the user’s involvement in drug dealings and willingness to cooperate with the investigation. Those willing to cooperate may be asked to reveal vital information that will help resolve the case.


Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are serious offenses with harsh and costly penalties. If you’re facing drug charges, don’t delay. Speak with an experienced drug crime lawyer. A lawyer can help you avoid jail and reduce your sentence.

Drug charges can have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones. A drug conviction will tarnish your record and cost you thousands in fees and fines. You may even go to jail.


Federal Prosecution

If the illegal substances were exported, imported, or cross state lines, they are federal offenses and tried in federal court.

If you want outstanding results, you need a strategic attorney on your side. An experienced lawyer can get you community service, a drug rehab program, house arrest, or something else.


Here’s What To Do Next

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