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Drug Crimes: Alter The Outcome Of your case With Patrick McKamey

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Drug Crimes: Alter The Outcome Of your case With Patrick McKamey

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Drug crimes in West Palm Beach are a serious and ongoing problem, with criminal charges that can range in severity from misdemeanor possession charges to serious trafficking felonies. In criminal cases, more so than in any other area of law, the quality and caliber of your legal representation can significantly alter the outcome of your case. Hiring skilled and experienced counsel should be a top priority, or you could be looking at a range of different outcomes. There is a vast difference between a guilty verdict v. a non-guilty verdict or imposition of jail time v. probation and community service.  Our criminal lawyers have the experience, insight, and legal capabilities to make that difference and to deliver results.

The truth is that when it comes to drug crimes, every situation and story in South Florida is unique. The one thing that stays consistent is the law regarding drug crimes. Recently, the Florida legislature added bath salts and “Spice” to the list of banned substances. Drug trafficking, addiction, and Opioid involved deaths are all drug-related cases that weigh heavy on our minds. Even the concern over drug crimes related to marijuana is of big concern these days. It is quite common for people to see the drug as minimally offensive; however, you should know that possession of marijuana without prescription is a criminal offense. Although clients found to have less than 20 grams on their person may be charged with a misdemeanor, those found with 20 grams or more may be charged with a felony.

In Florida, drug possession is a crime done by someone who did not manufacture, distribute, or sell the controlled substance. It is illegal and therefore a chargeable offense for people to knowingly or intentionally:

  • Manufacture drugs
  • Distribute, or possess
  • With the intent to manufacture or distribute, a controlled substance.

In prosecutions for unlawful possession of drugs and controlled substances, the government has to establish beyond a reasonable doubt both the nature of the substance and possession thereof. If you have been accused of a crime or are being investigated for potential criminal activity, it is imperative to have an impeccable legal representation. A criminal investigation or criminal charges can be life-altering affecting both your personal and professional life. The best advice is to hire a drug lawyer in West Palm Beach who has your best interests in mind. 

Florida drug statutes and the many different drug schedules and classifications are an intricate and complicated business, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to have the assistance of an experienced drug crimes law team. Our team of lawyers is always here for you to offer legal representation and consistently sound advice and peace of mind while your drug crimes case is pending. We will help you to navigate through the criminal justice system and work collaboratively toward proving reasonable doubt and the ultimate goal of gaining a not-guilty verdict.

The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. can assist with a wide variety of drug crime charges including:

  • Possession of drugs and paraphernalia
  • Drug manufacturing and trafficking
  • Driving under the influence
  • Federal and state drug charges
  • Many more

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When it comes to protection in drug crime cases, a knowledgeable lawyer is vital throughout the process to ensure that everything is being handled correctly and that your needs are being met. It is imperative to engage an experienced and highly specialized litigator to safeguard, protect, and preserve your rights in such high stake cases as drug crimes. Over the years the law offices of Patrick McKamey have earned a reputation for excellence and our extensive experience in several areas of criminal defense law as well as our unparalleled attention to details sets us apart from our peers. We are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the insight and experience to successfully tackle a diverse array of challenging cases. We take nothing less than victory and our commitment to success motivates us to strive beyond our clients’ expectations. There are numerous ways that a drug charge can negatively impact your future, so acting fast and hiring a skilled law team should be your number one priority. If your future is a stake, it’s time to help your cause; it’s time to call the Law Office of Patrick McKamey.

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