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Here Are A Few Things to Know When Choosing a DUI Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

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Here Are A Few Things to Know When Choosing a DUI Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe offense. Even those facing DUI charges for the first time have the possibility of large fines and jail time. It gets worse for those with additional DUIs. In Florida, it becomes a felony with mandatory sentences at the state prison on the fourth offense. Avoiding the harsh penalties requires choosing a DUI lawyer that provides good service. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a good DUI lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL.

When to Avoid a DUI Lawyer

A common warning sign for a terrible DUI attorney is their lack of attention to the client. They want their upfront retainer fees, but they do not communicate with the person and provide little effort in battling the charges. These lawyers try to find a quick resolution to the case, taking anything, and then trying to convince the client that it is a good deal. Only to find out that if they had a better attorney, the outcome would be more favorable. 

For example, some people hire a DUI attorney that sounds good. They pay the retainer fees in advance. They assume that this lawyer is on the job and looks out for their best interests. As the case progresses, their attorney does not communicate with them. They are always in court or a meeting, and they never seem to have the time to listen to their clients or explain what is happening. Then, one day they call and say they have a plea bargain. The lawyer encourages the person to take it. They will plead guilty to certain charges and pay a fine. 

The problem is that this option might not provide good long term results. There could be a weakness in the prosecutor’s case such as how the officer gave the breath test. Looking for these kinds of holes requires not accepting the first offer. It involves the lawyer understanding the issues and where law enforcement made mistakes. Communication is the key to deciding if the lawyer cares about the outcome. 

What to Ask Your DUI Attorney

Finding the right DUI attorney requires asking questions and seeing how they respond. There are two areas to focus on including the case and fees. They help in locating the best attorney.

  • The Case
    • Ask questions about the case. It does not matter how small it seems. DUIs are life-changing events. They involve the loss of freedom if handled wrong. Asking questions shows if the lawyer knows what they are doing. 
  • Fees
    • Attorneys that want retainer fees in advance might not always provide good service. There is no benefit from the outcome of the case considering you’ve already paid them, and some lawyers may take advantage of this. The lawyers that charge a contingency fee win only when their clients receive a successful outcome are motivated to do more. They earn their fees when they represent the person to the best of their abilities. 

McKamey Defense Law Can Help!

Choosing the right DUI lawyer requires avoiding those who do not answer questions openly, and truthfully. You’ll want a lawyer that consistently communicates with you and provides the resources you need to learn more about your case and find the best solutions. If you or someone you know is facing DUI charges and is in need of a DUI Attorney in West Palm Beach, look no further than the team here at McKAmey Defense Law. We have years of experience and can help you get the best possible outcome during this time. Give us a call today to learn more!

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