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How Do You Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach?

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How Do You Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach?

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Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is critical in successfully winning a case. The problem is there are so many and all of them claim to be the best. But when the trial begins, they do not live up to these standards. The result is the defendant’s freedom is on the line, and they need someone who can argue their case and create desirable outcomes. Selecting the right lawyer is the key to achieving these goals, and we’re going to give you a few tips on how to do that!

Locating the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

There are lots of defense attorneys. Each one says they know how to successfully handle the case and get the preferred outcomes for their clients. The problem is that these are just words. Finding an excellent criminal defense lawyer requires looking at several different areas. A few of the most notable include their experiences, fees, and background. 

  • Experience
    • Experience is one of the most significant factors when selecting a criminal lawyer. Those who have handled these kinds of cases in the past know how to maneuver. They understand the court system, judges, and other attorneys. Their experience makes it easier to create a favorable outcome for the case. 

For example, a criminal lawyer who handled lots of gun cases knows the system and the players. They have relationships with the judges, prosecutors, court officers, and law enforcement officials. Their experience is useful in creating an effective legal strategy. They will talk with all of the parties about the case using their expertise. This increases the chances of a successful outcome in favor of their clients. They know how to create winning strategies that work. 

  • Fees
    • The fees an attorney will charge are crucial to know in advance. During the initial meetings, bring up the fee structure and any hidden costs. Be sure to ask for further explanation of anything that is unclear and get it in writing. Some attorneys require all of the money upfront, while others work on a contingency basis. They do not get paid unless there is a successful outcome to the case in their client’s favor. Knowing the fees helps to decide how much money to spend and what it takes for the lawyer to move forward. 

A reasonable attorney has no problem explaining how they work and their services. The information they provide makes the process easier in knowing the total costs and if they are someone who can handle the case. Listen carefully to what services they provide and how good the attorney is in communicating their prices. 

  • Background
    • The background of the lawyer says a lot about them. Most attorneys will not talk about the cases they lost or bad experiences with clients. They do not want the person to go somewhere else and find another lawyer. The most effective way of checking into their background is to see if they have any complaints with the American and Florida Bar Associations. They have a directory of disciplinary actions taken against attorneys. Checking with them ensures the lawyer is licensed to practice law in the state and their complaint history. Those with a questionable background should be avoided. Another option is to visit with other lawyers in West Palm Beach about their reputation. They can talk about issues from similar cases and if this attorney is a good fit. Once the background check is complete, it is a good idea to ask for referrals. These are their past clients. 

We Can Help You!

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney requires following specific steps and researching your attorney. Some of the things you’ll want to be sure to research or ask about are their experiences, fees, and background. These factors help in finding the right lawyer for your case. 

Here at McKamey Defense Law, our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys is here to help you get the results you need! We have years of experience in helping those charged with crimes in West Palm Beach, FL, and we can help you! Reach out to our office today to get started with your case!

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