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Trial Tested: Criminal Defense Lawyer West Palm Beach

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Trial Tested: Criminal Defense Lawyer West Palm Beach

At the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, we know that it can be scary facing charges, whether you’ve committed the crime or not. We know that facing criminal charges in West Palm Beach can be scary, overwhelming, and sometimes overbearing. However, if you have been accused of a serious crime, with criminal charges, you are going to want the best criminal defense lawyer. Criminal cases are different from civil cases; criminal cases involve the enforcement of public codes of behavior as embodied by our laws, and the government prosecuting people or institutions. There are some civil cases, such as a car crash, that might also lead to a criminal case if it involved allegations of a crime like drunken driving or leaving the scene of the accident.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, one with criminal charges where you are going to have to defend yourself in court, you should make sure that you have a trial-tested lawyer that you can trust by your side. With over 300 criminal trials that have gone to verdict, Patrick McKamey has the skill and experience to provide the winning strategy. The verdict is out: when it comes to bringing your case to trial, being a clever lawyer is a wonderful thing, but there is no substitute for trial experience. 

It’s Criminal: Criminal Cases Need Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our constitution says that every individual has the right to defend himself or herself using a fair trial. Criminal trials can and have been legendary. We’ve all seen the movies with the big courtroom showdowns and the elaborate storytelling of a criminal trial. While not every trial or courtroom experience is going to be like the movies, with federal criminal cases, for example, the principal actors can be such heavy hitters as the U.S. Attorney (the prosecutor) and a grand jury. When a case goes to trial, there are criminal prosecutions and jury’s to review evidence. Sometimes a defendant will stand trial and in some cases, they won’t. Regardless, a criminal trial is very serious, and a very complex series of events that requires a trial-tested and exemplary criminal defense lawyer like Patrick McKamey.

A top-notch criminal defense lawyer will help you before the trial begins with things like initial appearances, arrest and post-arrest investigation reports, advising a defendant of the charges filed, while waiting for a judge who has considers whether the defendant should be held in jail until trial, determining whether there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed.

There are a number of criminal cases these days that require and experience criminal defense trial lawyer such as:

  • Drug defense
  • DUI defense
  • Federal defense
  • Juvenile defense
  • Sex crimes defense
  • Child pornography defense
  • White-collar defense

Criminal cases need excellent criminal defense lawyers because it takes significant time, experience, and strategy to do everything from prepare jury instructions, master the rules of evidence before trial, file motions meet deadlines, prepare witness outlines, and many other practical but pertinent items. When it comes to criminal law, what you don’t know and don’t do can actually hurt you! You will need an experienced lawyer to negotiate, stay well informed, and help you avoid the pitfalls of criminal defense cases.


You can count on the Law Office of Patrick McKamey to develop winning strategies, and knowing everything required to fight for your trial he will make sure the structure f your strategy is sound and lay the groundwork for the best trial-tested strategy in West Palm beach. With The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, you can rest at ease knowing that we’re one of the top criminal defense firms in South Florida.

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