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Second Felony Offense? What You Need to Know

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Second Felony Offense? What You Need to Know

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To make mistakes is to be human. Sometimes the decisions we make lead to unanticipated consequences. For people who find themselves in legal trouble for a second or third time, the weight of potential consequences is heavy. When it comes to criminal offenses, these mistakes have the power to completely change the path of your life. Florida law carries stricter penalties for people deemed to be habitual felony offenders, especially in instances of violent offenses. While a criminal defense law firm in West Palm Beach can work to protect your freedom, understanding what’s at stake is important. 

If you find yourself facing felony charges after a previous conviction, here’s what you need to know. 

What is a Habitual Felony Offender? 

As defined by Florida law, a habitual felony offender is someone who has been convicted of two or more felony offenses in this or any other state. This includes felonious offenses which occur: 

  • During incarceration for the first offense 
  • While under felony probation
  • Within five years of felony conviction or release from prison 

Felony offenses involving the purchase or possession of controlled substances do not fall under the same statutes of habitual felony offenses as other charges. 

What are the Legal Consequences of Habitual Felony Offense? 

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