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Here’s How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

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Here’s How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

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If you have found yourself in a rough situation, then you might have considered a criminal defense attorney. Part of you may be wondering if it’s even necessary, but trust us, having an attorney on your side is a necessity. Any crime that requires a defense attorney is enough to get you a harsh punishment, including jail time. The only way to have a chance at freedom or a lighter sentence is to work with a knowledgeable attorney that will have your back. Here at the Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, we have those knowledgeable attorneys that can help you out. If you have found yourself in a situation where you are deemed guilty of child pornography, drug crimes, a DUI, sex crimes, or white-collar crimes, and more, we are the law office for you.

What Does a Defense Attorney Do?

A defense attorney can help you in more ways than one. Depending on your case, you may already know where you stand as far as punishment could go. However, an attorney can help you lessen that and make you look a little bit better in the eyes of the jury. A defense attorney may also be able to get your charges down to a lesser charge, and in the case of a drug crime or a DUI, that can go a long way. But these benefits are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what an attorney can help you with.

Knowledge of the System

The most valuable thing a defense attorney can offer you is their knowledge of the system. They know the state’s laws, federal laws, and how to represent you with this in mind. Even if you committed the crime, your attorney may be able to find loopholes or inconsistencies in the case that can improve your situation. They studied the law in law school and passed the bar, meaning that they know how to poke holes in a case. It also helps that your attorney has practiced law and knows many of the big local names in the legal industry. While the politics and connections should not necessarily play a role in how a case turns out, it’s almost impossible to get rid of every bias there is.

Access to Resources

Another thing attorneys can assist with is having access to resources that you may not otherwise have access to. For instance, your case is going to require a witness, evidence, and maybe even an investigation. These things are near impossible to get when you are the one charged, which is where an attorney can come in and help. A witness may not want to come forward, especially if they hear that you could be guilty. But, with an attorney vouching for you, witnesses are more likely to cooperate and give their statements. Evidence is another thing that is hard to acquire; however, it’s not impossible when you have an attorney seeking it. One way they do this is by sometimes hiring an investigator to look further into your situation. The investigator can find evidence that could put you in better lighting. The investigative team can also determine if a witness is telling a lie or has a story that is not credible. They then can fact check and make sure that only the correct information is shared in court.


If there’s something an attorney is good at, it’s negotiations. In law school, they learn the tools to see through lies and know the facts of a case. Once the knowledge is there, they learn how to negotiate. While your chance of being innocent may be a long shot, you can still get a lesser sentence when your attorney knows how to negotiate. Here at the Law Offices of Patrick R. McKamey, our team is skilled in negotiating and can ensure that your punishment or situation is improved.

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