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How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help People with DUIs?

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How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help People with DUIs?

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Driving under the influence is a criminal charge many people face. Whether they knew they were under the influence or accidentally had one drink too many, it’s a risk that comes with many consequences. The severity of the punishment also depends on an array of factors. If you got pulled over for driving under the influence but did not get into an accident or harm anyone else, you likely will have a few criminal charges. But, if you injured someone or caused an accident, you’re going to face more severe charges and punishments. However, regardless of what you did or did not do, the journey to freedom or a less severe punishment will not be easy. The best bet at reducing your sentence or avoiding punishments is to seek out the help of a criminal defense attorney.

What Are the Possible DUI Charges?

There is much to consider when it comes to getting a DUI. The first thing you need to consider is if this is your first DUI or not. The first DUI punishment will be lighter than if it’s a repeated mistake. That is, of course, unless you have other charges that you accumulated while under the influence. There’s also felony DUI’s when you surpass four DUI charges in under ten years. This type of DUI charge is also the case when you injure someone, or someone died, as a result.

You can also get charged with a DUI and manslaughter, DUI and property damage, and commercial DUI. Additionally, there are aggravated DUIs, what people get when a child is in the vehicle or when their blood alcohol content surpasses .15. It’s also critical to remember that driving under the influence of drugs gets included in driving under the influence charges. Alcohol just so happens to be the most common scenario.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

Having a criminal defense team on your side can make the process much easier and smoother. Instead of having just anyone represent you, you can go with a team you know you can trust. At the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, our team is experienced in all things criminal defense and can help with your DUI charge. We also handle federal criminal charges and can help your situation if your DUI is on that scale. Not only do we provide representation, but quality defense at that.

Part of what we assist with is challenging evidence. If there was even the tiniest bit of discrepancy, our team can seek it out and use that to defend you. After you have a consultation with our team and decide to pursue the case, we dig up everything we can on your case and the situation. By the time we get done, we can build your case.

We do this and our research to help you avoid harsh punishments. In some cases, our team can even take a DUI charge and get it reduced to reckless driving. But, in the case that we cannot reduce your charge, you can expect us to fight for a lesser punishment. For example, instead of jail time, we can fight for house arrest and fines.

Who Should Seek the Help of an Attorney?

Anyone who is facing a DUI-related charge can benefit from the assistance of an attorney. Without a legal team’s help, you are likely to face the maximum criminal charges and punishment possible. A criminal attorney is the only way to see any mercy. But, if you are still on the fence, we recommend hopping on a consultation call. After telling our team at the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey about your situation, we can let you know if we can assist you.

Seek Legal Help Today at the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey

If you recently found yourself battling a DUI, it’s time to consider getting legal help. With the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey on your side, you can fight your DUI with a team of experts. 

Having a criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your case and how it turns out. To learn more, visit our website https://www.mckameydefenselaw.com/dui-defense/ or contact our team today at (561) 220-6708.

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