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7 Situations Where a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Out

police handcuffing suspect

Patrick R. McKamey is a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach who specializes in criminal law and can advocate on your behalf. An attorney acts as an advocate, defender, and leader in criminal prosecution. Here are seven situations in which a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach can help you.  1. Investigate a Criminal Case When a criminal defense attorney takes on your case, they will look for any potential defenses to the charges or opportunities to negotiate a lesser sentence. The investigation entails looking at the evidence, speaking to police and witnesses, and gathering as much data as possible. Your lawyer...

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4 Reasons It’s Important To Work With a Local Criminal Attorney

Defense attorney

Working with a criminal defense attorney is an investment in your future. However, some people might opt not to work with a local criminal attorney. Read on to find out why you should work with an experienced local firm like the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. They Know the Judges and Prosecutors You want to make sure you have a defense lawyer who's familiar with the judges and prosecutors in your area. This can be especially important if you live in a small town or county where everyone knows each other. Local criminal attorneys in Palm Beach will know how...

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