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7 Situations Where a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Out

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7 Situations Where a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Out

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Patrick R. McKamey is a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach who specializes in criminal law and can advocate on your behalf. An attorney acts as an advocate, defender, and leader in criminal prosecution. Here are seven situations in which a criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach can help you. 

1. Investigate a Criminal Case

When a criminal defense attorney takes on your case, they will look for any potential defenses to the charges or opportunities to negotiate a lesser sentence. The investigation entails looking at the evidence, speaking to police and witnesses, and gathering as much data as possible. Your lawyer also investigates the prosecution’s case, looking for weaknesses to exploit for your benefit.

2. Handle Any Paperwork and Documentation

A mountain of paperwork is inevitable in any criminal case. The document collection, preparation, or submission errors could weaken your case. You don’t have to bother filing papers because your lawyer will take care of everything for you.

Deadlines are typically stringent in criminal proceedings. Palm Beach criminal lawyers will keep track of these things and ensure everything is in order on the relevant documents.

3. Negotiate With Prosecutors

In most criminal situations, a lawyer might negotiate a reduced sentence with the prosecutor. When this is feasible, a lawyer can use their skills to bargain for a reduced sentence as part of a plea deal.

4. Offer an Objective View of the Case

In many cases, defendants have an inaccurate impression of their legal rights and options. Amid a legal crisis, it’s easy to confuse the facts. A criminal attorney in Palm Beach can help you understand how the law applies to your situation. A thorough consultation with an attorney can equip you to make informed decisions and prepare you for what is ahead.

5. End a Case Before Charges Are Filed

A criminal lawyer may be able to put an end to the prosecution’s case altogether. If you hire a lawyer right away after being arrested, they could be able to prevent charges from being filed ultimately. 

6. Offer Emotional Support

The defendant of a criminal case is typically under a great deal of stress. It’s common for people to experience various negative emotions throughout legal processes, including sadness, anger, fear, and lowered self-esteem.

Patrick R. McKamey is a Palm Beach criminal lawyer ready to help you through the legal and emotional process. Having a skilled attorney on your side might help you deal with the situation and lessen the anxiety it causes.

7. Take You Through the Trial

The forms of assistance you can get from a criminal defense lawyer include: 

• Contacting expert witnesses

• Document preparations 

• Selecting jurors

• Delivering opening and closing statements in court 

• Conducting cross-examinations
Patrick R. McKamey is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach ready to answer your call and get your case handled immediately. Get an experienced criminal attorney in Palm Beach to help you with your criminal case when you contact Patrick R. McKamey today.

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