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The Top Three Reasons Why You Need a Drug Lawyer in West Palm Beach

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The Top Three Reasons Why You Need a Drug Lawyer in West Palm Beach

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Drugs are a recurring problem that never goes away. Many times the police are aggressive in the pursuit of those involved. The problem is that sometimes you may become caught up in these operations from knowing someone that is using, selling, or trafficking.

Florida on average sees 199 thousand drug-related arrests every single year. If you are facing drug charges, the best approach is to contact the drug lawyer in West Palm Beach. Here are the top three reasons why you want to contact us when you are facing drug charges.

The Prosecutor Overcharges You

Prosecutors will overcharge you for drug crimes. This is when you are charged for higher crimes compared with what was committed. The idea is that adding extra charges increases the chances of conviction and pushes you to make a deal. Typically, the plea agreement involves a lower charge to reflect the crime you committed.

If you are working with a public defender, you might face stiffer penalties than hiring the drug lawyer in West Palm Beach. An excellent drug lawyer understands these tactics and will stand up for you. We will let the prosecutor know that these extra charges will not hold up in court. We push the prosecutor to stop wasting everyone’s time and to give you charges that reflect what happened.

We recommend working with us to avoid falling into the system as another statistic. Drug crimes are serious charges and you need someone that knows the law.

Patrick McKamey is a former prosecutor. We know the legal system and will fight for you.

Confusion with the Legal System

The legal system is complex and you don’t know what you are up against. The lack of knowledge means that you might not get the best deal possible and could be looking at jail time. Hiring the drug lawyer in West Palm Beach ensures that your case is thoroughly reviewed. We will make sure that your rights are protected and the prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Patrick McKamey is the top-rated criminal defense law firm in West Palm Beach. We will never give up and you should do the same. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise will ensure that we do everything to protect your freedom.

Stiff Penalties

Drug charges involve stiff penalties and mandatory sentences. You always want legal experts on your side that will investigate your cases and stand up for you. This helps you to avoid long prison sentences and ensures that your rights are respected.

Patrick McKamey is the number one criminal defense attorney in South Florida. We are available 24 hours a day and will help you with your case.

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