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Three Important Aspects of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Three Important Aspects of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When your freedom is at stake, having the best representation possible on your side is crucial to determining the course of your future. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, a criminal trial attorney in West Palm Beach will fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome. This can be reduced charges, dismissal, or seeking minimal sentencing. Outside of the courtroom, a criminal defense lawyer helps you to understand all of your options and what to expect should your case go to trial.

Don’t put your future in the wrong hands. These are the five most important things to look for in a criminal defense lawyer.

Experience with Your Specific Charges

Not all courtroom experience is one and the same. Look for a criminal defense lawyer whose experience matches your specific situation. If you’re facing manslaughter or other serious charges, a defense attorney with who only deals in white-collar crime is not suited for your case. Don’t rely solely on an attorney’s years of experience. Dig deeper to ensure you’re hiring someone who knows how to handle your case.

Availability and Attentiveness

When you’re facing criminal charges, you need your criminal defense lawyer to be available and attentive to your case. Larger law firms may pass your case off to paralegals or other legal assistants instead of handling it themselves. With less experienced people on your case, important details and information may go unnoticed and negatively affect your outcome. Your criminal trial attorney in West Palm Beach should be actively involved throughout the entire process, including pre-trial preparation. They should also be available for updates and to answer any questions you may have.

Case Results

Transparency about case results is a great sign for a confident and dependable defense attorney. Being able to see past case results for clients with similar charges means you can get a good sense of how well a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach will handle yours. While these results are by no means a guarantee—and you should be wary of lawyers who guarantee any result—it is useful in choosing who will represent you in a court of law.

With the law office of Patrick R. McKamey, get all of these and more. Over 20 years as a licensed criminal trial attorney in West Palm Beach means Patrick has the experience you need to beat your case. Trial-tested and with a proven track record of excellence, McKamey is an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will fight for your freedom. As a former prosecutor and former court division chief, he has an extensive understanding of all sides of the law.

The law office of Patrick R. McKamey is fully committed to you and your case. Beginning with a free consultation to review the details of your case, he will work directly with you to build your defense case. Don’t just take our word, take a look at these success stories.

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