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Can the Police Search My Car? Tips from the Best Drug Lawyer in West Palm Beach!

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Can the Police Search My Car? Tips from the Best Drug Lawyer in West Palm Beach!

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You may be driving along, only to see those unsettling red and blue lights pop up in your rearview mirror. If you have illegal substances or anything incriminating in your vehicle, you may head straight into panic mode. But there are ways to avoid a vehicle search. At The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A., we offer the best criminal defense West Palm Beach has to offer. Our drug lawyers have put together some top tips on how to avoid a vehicle search from police officers.

How can I stop the cops from searching my car?

The legal loopholes police officers use to search cars for drugs and other illegal items are tough to spot in the moment. It’s important to remember that you do have rights, and you can defend your rights. It starts with maintaining respect for the officer and calmly persisting to defend your rights.

Staying calm, cool and collected is the first step to take when you’re trying to avoid a police search of your vehicle. If you’ve been pulled over and an officer wants to search your vehicle, consider our tips:

  • Pull over immediately and turn the vehicle off when the officer approaches
  • Stay calm, keep your hands on the wheel unless instructed otherwise
  • Treat the officer with respect to get respect in return
  • Only retrieve your license and registration when the officer asks for it
  • If it’s nighttime, keep inside lights on so the officer can see into your vehicle,
  • Make sure your car does not smell of drugs or alcohol, that will create probable cause
  • When the officer asks to search your vehicle, politely say you do not consent
  • If the officer detains you, say that you are remaining silent and you would like a lawyer
  • Remember, the less you say, the better
  • If the officer persists for a search, continue saying that you are not resisting, but you do not consent to a search
  • Don’t panic!

By staying calm, cool, collected and respectful, you’ll diminish the officer’s need to search your car. Remember, the officer can only search your vehicle with a warrant, probable cause or with your consent. They may say things such as “Do you mind if I look around the car?” This can sound like a command, but it is really a question. You don’t have to consent, you have rights that keep you from incriminating yourself, and these rights also protect you from consenting to unwanted vehicle searches.

If the officers do search your car and you are charged with possession of illegal substances such as drugs or weapons, all is not lost. Our criminal and drug lawyer in West Palm Beach can fight for your case. We’ll work to defend your best interests, helping to lessen or even eliminate any charges. Call The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. today at (561) 370-7424 for more assistance.

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