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Drunk Driving Lawyer

Criminal Defense You Can Trust

Being indicted with a criminal charge is no light matter. If you are convicted, you may lose your freedom, your job, or your family. To protect yourself, if you're facing criminal charges, you should seek legal representation from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Patrick R. McKamey has not only the know-how to be your representative in the legal system, but the integrity and dedication to see each case through. Whether you are a defendant or victim, Patrick R. Mckamey serves his clients in the West Palm Beach area for a wide variety of criminal charges at local, state and...

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I Got a DUI in West Palm Beach—Can I Fight It?

Criminal Trial Attorney in West Palm Beach

DUI offenses continue to be one of the main causes of accidents and deaths in the state of Florida. Although in recent years, the numbers have thankfully shown some downtrend. It’s an unfortunate situation all around, one that spurs more and more driving school courses that essentially convey this simple advice--don’t drink and drive! Yet, so many drivers are out there on the road are intoxicated, choosing to ignore this state mandated mantra. It stands to reason that you don’t want to get caught drinking and driving in the state of Florida. If you do get caught, you could be facing...

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How a DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach can Provide Relief


Despite knowing that drunk driving can come with harsh consequences, it doesn't stop people from needing a DUI defense attorney in West Palm Beach. A DUI is considered a criminal act and is certainly treated as such in the courtroom. In fact, judges are hard on defendants, as they feel that it’s a well-known fact and extremely negligent, selfish, and dangerous. However, an experienced DUI defense attorney can help those who are being prosecuted restart, and find relief.    A DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach is a Must   DUI charges are too severe to go through a trial without an expert in law at...

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An Experienced DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach Can Build Your Case

Drug Attorney West Palm Beach

You had way too much to drink, and then you got behind the wheel of a car, an action you now regret. An officer of the law pulled you over, and now you have been hit with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – an offense under Florida law. You need a good lawyer, and you need one, quickly. When looking for the services of an experienced DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach, call the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. Call Now if You Need a DUI Defense Attorney West Palm Beach (561) 379-7424 It’s crucial for you to meet with...

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Call a DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach if You’re Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

Drug Attorney West Palm Beach

It happens. You had too much to drink or you are under the influence of a chemical or controlled substance, and then you made the bad decision of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI (Driving While Under the Influence) you need to call a DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach. The experienced lawyers at The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. are ready to help you with your case. A DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach Can Help You Most times, a first time DUI is...

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A Criminal Trial Attorney in West Palm Beach Can Help You with Your Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer West Palm Beach

Anyone convicted of breaking the law faces a lengthy jail sentence. If you or someone you know is arrested for violating the law, you need a criminal trial attorney in West Palm Beach, on your side. Your best choice is The Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey, P.A. It’s Time to Hire the Best Criminal Trial Attorney in West Palm Beach Some offenses are much worse than others, and everyone has the right to a criminal lawyer, no matter the crime. Some of the most common crimes committed (in no particular order) in Florida are: Domestic violence Assault crimes Drug Offenses White...

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How Can a West Palm Beach Drug Lawyer Help Me?

Criminal Defense Lawyer West Palm Beach

Drug and alcohol crimes are one of the most common criminal offenses. Whether it’s possession, distribution, or manufacturing, a drug crime is a drug crime. The penalties vary from misdemeanors to trafficking offenses, leading to serious jail time. At Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, we strongly advise hiring our drug lawyers in West Palm Beach. Though we know many individuals think they can fight their battles on their own, this is one that will require help. Call a Drug Lawyer Today! No two crimes are ever the same, meaning that our drug lawyers treat our clients as individuals. It’s crucial...

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Trust an Experienced West Palm Juvenile Defense Attorney

Lawyer West Palm Beach

As a parent or guardian, nothing is more traumatizing than knowing that your child is going to juvenile court. With the thousands of cases that are seen every day, it still doesn’t make the situation easier. At the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, we know how overwhelming this process can be for families, and that’s why we’re here to help. Luckily young people are treated differently than they would be if they were charged as adults. In general, the justice system wants to give young people a second chance, and the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Juvenile cases...

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Hire a Skilled DUI Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach

Drunk Driving West Palm Beach

When it comes to a DUI, there’s nothing casual about it. DUIs are significant crimes, and they are not taken lightly. For this reason, you’ll want to seriously consider hiring a DUI offense attorney to help with your case. Though individuals can represent themselves in court, we do not recommend this. There are many difficult ins, outs, and logistics of DUI cases. Knowing that you have someone to give clear, unbiased, professional opinions and assistance is worth everything in your type of crisis. Fight Back Against a DUI Today! A great DUI defense attorney can make or break your case. They may...

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Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach Help Me?

Patrick M. McKamey

If you’ve ever been in trouble with the law, then you know it’s one of the scariest, most vulnerable feelings you’ll ever have. Imagine then, that you’ve been involved in a criminal act. This feeling is then only intensified, as the penalties that come with criminal defenses are much worse. Because of this, it’s important to know that you have a criminal defense attorney by your side. Criminal charges are not something to take lightly, and not something to take on alone. Call a Criminal Defense Attorney Today! At Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, our team can help you in...

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