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Facing Federal Charges in the West Palm Beach Area?

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Facing Federal Charges in the West Palm Beach Area?

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If you or someone you love is facing federal charges in the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County areas, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer now. When the government becomes involved in your matter, it’s usually because you’re faced with a serious federal offense. When you find yourself facing the government’s full force of authority, you must reach out for the experienced help and guidance of a federal lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome of your case. Your federal defense attorney will fully defend your legal rights and seek to exploit any weaknesses in the opponent’s case against you.

What Constitutes a Federal Crime?

The primary difference between a state and federal crime is sometimes rather slim. The matter is narrowed by the legislation. For instance, some types of murder or public safety matters are reviewed by local, state, and federal lawmakers. As the definition suggests, a federal crime is an offense that violates the laws of the United States. If you are accused of a federal crime, the case is heard in a federal court.

Unfortunately, some federal crimes may be considered more serious than violations pertaining to your local or state laws, and the offender is perceived as a larger threat to public or national safety.

According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI), some of the following offenses are considered federal crimes:

• Cybercrime

• Violation of civil rights (e.g. police brutality, excessive force used against prisoners, and more)

• Violent crime

• Counterintelligence crimes

• Terrorism

• Organized crime activities

• Art or Jewelry Theft, or theft of other valuable items

• White-Collar Crimes

• Threats made to government members

• Immigration crime

Which Organizations or Groups Oversee Federal Law Violations?

One or more agencies of the U.S. government handle investigations when an individual, couple, or group of people faces federal criminal allegations.

Depending on the alleged federal crime, the U.S. Secret Service, Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Marshals Service, or other agencies of the federal government become involved.

What Are the Punishments for Federal Crimes?

Read more about the full list of federal crimes and punishments relating to them here.

In the following sections, we review some of the federal crimes you may be charged with as a Florida resident.

Acts of Terrorism

An act of terrorism (as outlined in Title 18 Chapter 113B Section 2331(1)) of the U.S. Code, you could face two different types of crimes, including domestic and international terrorism. International terrorism refers to violent acts that endanger the lives of others and violate federal laws in the United States. Domestic terrorism is an act of violence that endangers the lives of others within the United States or within any state in the United States.

If you’re found responsible for acts of terrorism, you will be penalized according to the specific type of crime, e.g. homicide (fine, death penalty, life in prison), conspiracy to homicide (fines plus 20 years+ in prison), or physical violence (fines and 10+ years in prison).

Several different acts may constitute terrorism, e.g. chemical attack, biological attack, threats against many people, hijacking mass transit vehicles or aircraft, or bombing.

As you can see, a terrorist act is a serious federal offense. If you’ve been accused of terrorism, you’re facing an extremely serious legal allegation. You will be arrested and vigorously prosecuted. You face life in prison or the death penalty. Don’t delay. You need a federal criminal defense lawyer to defend your legal rights now.

Cybercrime in Palm Beach County

Technology is used to identify creators or disseminators of digital ransomware, viruses, worms, and distributed denial of services attacks.

These are cybercriminal actions in the United States. If you or someone you care about has been accused of federal cybercrimes, you need a federal lawyer immediately.

Intellectual Property Violations

An accusation of intellectual property crimes may include data, computer programs, software, recipes, songs, written materials, or trade secrets. As per Florida Statute Section 815.04, it is a criminal offense to steal, disable, destroy, or illegally disseminate intellectual property. For instance, the intentional dissemination of computer viruses to computer systems, the intentional introduction of malware, piracy, or stealing a business’s trade secrets by hacking into their computers is an intellectual property crime.

A host of new crimes against computer systems and their users concern lawmakers today. Ransomware attacks on computer systems are relatively common. This action involves hijacking the computer system or software of an entity to disable and block the company’s or user’s access.

Phishing is another common cybercrime. Frequently, a phishing attack happens when criminals send emails or put up mirror websites to capture sensitive user information, including Social Security Numbers (SSNs), passwords, or credit card details.

Criminal allegations of this type require an experienced white-collar crime defense. Prosecutors must show that the alleged criminal knowingly and maliciously intended to harm or disable computers, systems, or users’ access to them.

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