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Trust an Experienced West Palm Juvenile Defense Attorney

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Trust an Experienced West Palm Juvenile Defense Attorney

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As a parent or guardian, nothing is more traumatizing than knowing that your child is going to juvenile court. With the thousands of cases that are seen every day, it still doesn’t make the situation easier. At the Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, we know how overwhelming this process can be for families, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Luckily young people are treated differently than they would be if they were charged as adults. In general, the justice system wants to give young people a second chance, and the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Juvenile cases are for those who are 18 or younger, and most certainly will need a juvenile defense team in West Palm Beach. At Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, we offer the knowledge and aggression you need to help your child fight these charges.

There are many different ways young people can land themselves in juvenile court, leaving you in dire need of a professional. Here are a few:

Drug & Alcohol Possession: One of the most common juvenile offenses is the possession of drugs and alcohol. This is incredibly dangerous, as young people can make reckless decisions based off of these influences. An action that heightens a juvenile’s penalty, is when they decide to drive under the influence in conjunction with using drugs and alcohol. Seen as a potential harm to others, this is not taken lightly. You will certainly need a skilled juvenile defense lawyer on your side.

Fake I.D.: Alongside possession of alcohol, many minors find themselves in possession of fake I.Ds. If caught, not only are the young people partaking in underage drinking, but they have also broken rules regarding government issued I.Ds.

Thievery: This particular juvenile crime ranges in intensity, as it may be a small stealing incident in a grocery store, or a large theft such as vehicles. Depending on the significance of the crime, your child will face different penalties.

There are a plethora of offenses that could leave your child facing consequences for their actions. Traffic offenses, gang activity, fighting, vandalism, and sexual assault are all possible options. At Law Office of Patrick R. McKamey P.A, we know how these types of events can affect a family and their loved ones. We also know that when your child is being charged with juvenile crimes, you’ll want to have the best of the best available to stand by your side, and fight for the future of your family. As mentioned, courts generally want to rehabilitate young people, and may charge punishments such as counseling, classes, or community service. If you’re searching for juvenile defense in West Palm Beach, please don’t hesitate to call us. We know that when we’re young, we make mistakes. Allow us to fight on your behalf, and give your child the gift of a second chance.

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